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Vehicle Speed Sensors

A Vehicle Speed Sensor or VSS is a device that is used to measure the speed of a vehicle's axle or drive shaft rotation. It works by sending a series of pulsed signals to the engine's computer, speedometer, cruise control system etc.

Most Volkswagen / Audi products want to see a speed input ratio of 1Hz to 1km/h. In other words, at 100km/h (62mph) the input frequency for a speedometer or Engine Control Unit needs to be 100Hz.

If the VSS is going to be used to only for Cruise Control or Engine Management purposes 100% accurate speed isn't necessary as they need to know if you are moving and if so, are accelerating, decelerating or maintaining a constant speed. If you are looking for 100% accurate measurement for speedometer use then a signal calibration unit may be necessary as well.

SpeedPuls VW
This VSS is a direct fit for most 1982 to 1999 Volkswagen and Audi Speedometers.

SpeedPuls 4P = Vanagon Syncro
SpeedPuls 8P = Vanagon 2WD / MK1 / MK2 / MK3

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CAD $79.95

USD $59.95

Instruction Manuals SpeedPuls Series of VSS

Speedpuls VAG
Speedpuls VW

Hasenwerk Universal VSS
These simple, IP67 water proof, universal vehicle speed sensors are for most vehicles with CV joints or a drive-shaft. One pulse per bolt - no magnets needed.

We have two varieties of these Universal VSS:

Premium: M12x60 shaft. Removable cable. 4mm gap. Each time a siginal is generated a built in LED will flash to let you know it is working!

CAD $129.95

USD $94.95

Basic: M12x30 shaft. Fixed cable. 4mm gap. No LED.

CAD $79.95

USD $59.95

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Instruction Manuals Hasenwerk Universal VSS

Premium Universal VSS
Hasenwerk Universal VSS - Premium

Basic Universal VSS
Hasenwerk Universal VSS - Basic

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