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Vehicle Speed Sensors

A Vehicle Speed Sensor or VSS is a device that measures the speed of a vehicle by reading the speedometer, CV joint, Universal Joint, drive shaft or simular rotation and converting that motion to a series of pulsed electrical signals that read by the the engine's computer, speedometer, cruise control or simular system.

Most Volkswagen / Audi products want to see a speed input ratio of 1Hz to 1km/h. In other words, at 100km/h (62mph) the input frequency for a speedometer or Engine Control Unit needs to be 100Hz.

If the VSS is going to be used to only for Cruise Control or Engine Management purposes 100% accurate speed isn't necessary as they need to know if you are moving and if so, are accelerating, decelerating or maintaining a constant speed. If you are looking for 100% accurate measurement for speedometer use then a signal calibration unit may be necessary as well.

SpeedPuls VSS
This VSS is a direct fit for most 1982 to 1999 Volkswagen and Audi Speedometers.

SpeedPuls 4P = Vanagon Syncro
SpeedPuls 8P = Vanagon 2WD / MK1 / MK2 / MK3

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CAD $79.95 each
CAD $360 6 pack
USD $59.95 each
USD $280 6 pack
Instruction Manuals SpeedPuls Series of VSS

Speedpuls VAG
Speedpuls VSS

Hasenwerk Universal VSS
These simple, IP67 water proof, universal vehicle speed sensors are for most vehicles with CV joints or a drive-shaft. One pulse per bolt - no external magnets are needed.

M12x30 shaft. 4mm gap.

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CAD $79.95 each
USD $59.95 each
Instruction Manuals Hasenwerk Universal VSS

Basic Universal VSS
Hasenwerk Universal VSS

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