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Used Parts

From time to time we dismantle various vehicles and have other general used items for sale. This list changes frequently, be sure to check back often!

TDI Engines / Parts and Accessories

We dismantle vehicles from time to time and have various parts commonly used parts in stock.

Usually in stock:

- Multiple sets of 1Z / AHU / ALH / BEW Engine Harnesses and ECUs

- Various terminal housings to repair customer harnesses

- Accelerator pedals, MAF, MAP, N75 valves etc.

please contact us to purchase

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More parts coming soon!

We're currently parting these vehicles

1997 Audi A4
AEB 1.8T engine with new, zero mile K-04 turbo, 120A alternator, engine harness and ECU, new oil pan, setup for a MK1 / MK2 / MK3 application

1998 Volkswagen Jetta MK3 TDI
02A transmission, starter, flywheel and shifter with linkage, brake and clutch pedals with master cylinder and slave cylinder

2003 Volkswagen Jetta MK4 TDI - Complete car, 90hp TDI Engine, automatic transmission.

2004 Volkswagen Jetta MK4 TDI - Complete car, 100hp Pumpe Duse Engine, manual transmission.

2009 Volkswagen Jetta MK5 TDI Highline - Complete car, 140hp 2L Common Rail Engine / DSG Transmission

please contact us to purchase

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