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Signal Processors, Gateways and Converters

Often times you need to convert one engine signal from one format to another. Fast Forward Automotive has you covered for Signal Processors and Signal Converters.

Hasenwerk CAN2 and 2CAN Series of CAN Bus Gateways

The CAN2 and 2CAN series of CAN bus gateways takes information from the Volkswagen / Audi CAN bus and converts it into signals that your non-CAN vehicle can use. The 2CAN Series also provides the missing and very necessary VSS input for all 2006 and later ECUs

Compatible with 1999.5 to 2015 ECUs

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The CAN2LED gateway reads the ECU's CAN bus and generates the following conventional signals:

Engine Status Lights
- Check Engine Light and Glow Plug
- Up to 5W

CAD $199.95

USD $149.95

Instruction Manuals Hasenwerk CAN2LED V1.0 to 1.1
Hasenwerk CAN2LED

Newly updated for 2017! CAN2DASH reads 1999.5 to 2005 ECU CAN bus and generates the following conventional signals:

Engine Status Lights
- Check Engine Light and Glow Plug
- Up to 5W
- Both coil driven and conventional
- Selectable between 4-6-8 cylinders

This CAN bus gateway also features a status LED and High Quality Deutsch Connectors.

CAD $349.95

USD $259.95

Instruction Manuals

Hasenwerk CAN2DASH Series v1
Hasenwerk CAN2DASH Series v2



After more than a year and development our DASH2CAN gateway is finally available. This gateway enables two way CAN bus communications for 2006 to 2015 ECUs and provides the following functionality:

Conventional to CAN input:
- 5V to 12V Vehicle Speed Sensor to CAN with calibration
- Cruise Control: ON|OFF / Set / Resume to CAN
- Routine for steering and ABS input so ECU stays out of "Diesel Gate" mode and gives you full power.

This CAN bus gateway also features a status LED and High Quality Deutsch Connectors.

CAD $349.95

USD $259.95

Receive 15% off if you buy the CAN2DASH and DASH2CAN as a pair!

Instruction Manuals

Hasenwerk DASH2CAN manual coming soon . . .


Cruise Control Converter
Hasenwerk DASH2CAN
CAN Bus Gateways
Canadian Customers
CAN Bus Gateways
USA / Int'l Customers

Hasenwerk Signal Processors

To do an engine conversion right, you need to be able to accurately convert or calibrate a lot of different signals. We have signal processors for just about every need. Speed, cruise control, tachometers, instrument pods.

Hasenwerk Digital to Analog Tachometer Converter

This tachometer adapter enables a traditional coil driven tachometer to use a 5 to 15V square wave signal that is generated my a modern ECUs. Most common use for this converter is Pre 1993 Volkswagens and pre 1996 Toyotas.

CAD $49.95 each
CAD $230 6 pack
USD $39.95 each
USD $180 6 pack
Instruction Manuals Hasenwerk Digital to Analog Tachometer Converter V2

VW Tachometer Adapter
Hasenwerk Digital to Analog Tachometer Converter

Hasenwerk CCS Korrekt
Brake & Clutch Pedal Logic Switcher and Synchronizer

This is a “NOT gate” or inverter circuit. When the Input is 12V the Output will be GND. When the Input is GND the Output is 12V. This is useful when you are using a 1999.5 Volkswagen Audi Group ECU that have Brake and Clutch logic “backwards” to most vehicles from the 1900s. Volkswagen ECUs have two brake inputs and they must switch at the same time or else you will have an implausible input and the ECU will no longer be happy. This silent solid state switch will ensure that F and F47 inputs will switch states at the same time and take considerable less space and than a traditional relay would!

CAD $19.95 each
CAD $150 10 pack
USD $14.95 each
USD $115 10 pack
Instruction Manuals Hasenwerk CCS Korrekt V1.1

Brake Synchronizer
Hasenwerk CCS Korrekt

Hasenwerk VSS Korrekt
Speed Signal Calibrator

New Version V3.1

Scaling factor can be adjusted between 0.10 to 10.00, adjusted almost steplessly by a single dial.

Non-volatile memory for adjusted value

Input frequency can be in the range of 0.25Hz … 5000 Hz

Output frequency can be in the range of 0.0625 Hz to 16666 Hz

Two separate output signals with +12V and +5V level

Professionally designed and manufactured for maximum durability

Click here for Vehicle Speed Sensors

CAD $109.95 each
USD $89.95 each
Instruction Manuals

Hasenwerk VSS Korrekt

VSS Korrekt V3
Hasenwerk VSS Korrekt

Hasenwerk Speedometer Driver

This adapter will make your cable driven Volkswagen MK2 / Vanagon speedometer run off of a VSS signal generated by a hall sensor.

Applications for this include Volkswagen MK1 and MK2 that are converted to 02A / 02J / 02M transmissions and Volkswagen Vanagons that are converted to run on Audi quattro gearboxes. Volkswagen Syncro owners who are running larger tires could use this in conjunction with our universal VSS to get 100% accurate speed on their speedometers.

Included in the kit is:

- Electronic controller
- Motor with machined adapter to speedometer
- Interfacing cable

CAD $349.95 each
USD $269.95 each

Click here to see a video of this Speedometer Driver in action

Please email us to order.

Instruction Manuals Manual Coming soon!
Hasenwerk Speedometer Driver

Hasenwerk Fuel Level Adapter

We have a lot of customers who want to use 2000 and later Volkswagen instrument pods in their older Volkswagens. The problem is the fuel level sensor is "backwards" after the introduction of the MK4. If you install a MK4 instrument pod in your Volkswagen Vanagon, the fuel gauge will read empty when the tank if full and full when the tank is empty.

This converter will enable your fuel level gauge to be correct when using a 2000+ instrument pod in a 1999 and older Volkswagens.



Please email us to order.

Instruction Manuals Manual Coming soon!


Hasenwerk Ford Cruise Control Adapter

Converts Ford and Mercury steering wheels with two cruise control wires to be used with a conventional cruise control system with on/off | set | resume functions.

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