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Hasenwerk Motor Mounts

These motor mounts can be made by most hobbyists with basic fabrication tools such as a Chop Saw, Drill Press and Welder! They are presented to you free of cost and therefore have no warranty and we accept no liability whatsoever if you choose use this design.

Mount 1Figure 1 - Complete Mount system

Above is the complete set of mounts. It is what we used to mount the 2000+ TDI to the Volkswagen Vanagon.


Mount 2
Figure 2 - Volkswagen Fox / Audi 80 Rubber Mounts

These rubber mounts, Volkswagen part number 893 199 381 B are under $20 on eBay. At 50cm spacing they do a fantastic job of absorbing the vibrations of a Diesel or gasoline engine.


Mount 3
Figure 3 - Close up of the engine mount.

The main cross member is 2x3x3/8" and it attached to the frame of the vehicle so that it is level.

The engine mount is two pieces of 2x2x3/8" steel welded together. The smaller section bolts on to the original cast aluminium mount on the engine. The larger section has holes for the rubber mounts spaced 50cm apart.

When I have used this system in the past, I did the motor mount welding as one of my last steps. This way you can ensure that the engine is centered left to right, and that the crank is at the correct angle, and it will also allows for "less than level" mistakes on the cross member mounting! Align, clamp and weld and you are done!

We found this system to work really and the main advantage is that you don't need to build fancy brackets to bolt onto the engine where clearance is tight due to engine accessories or things like steering racks.