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Harness Parts and Accessories

Parts and Accessories used for harness assembly.

Hasenwerk LED VSS Dash HarnessHasenwerk LED / VSS Dash Harness

Vanagon Dash ConverterVanagon Instrument Pod Converter

This harness has a yellow LED for the Glow Plug or EPC light (K29 / K132) and a red LED for the check engine light (K83), plus an input for a Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS).

This unit plugs into your Volkswagen Vanagon, Volkswagen LT MK1 or Volkswagen Golf / Jetta / Scirocco MK1 speedometer plug to assist you in connecting alternate instrument clusters without cutting factory wires.

N75Boost Regulator Valve (N75)

3 bar MAP
3 Bar MAP Sensor

Boost Regulator Valve (N75) for ALH | BEW | BHW | BRM | CBEA | CJAA
1K0 906 627 A

3 Bar MAP Sensor for cars with upgraded turbo and supporting software.
038 906 051 C

We can adapt this MAP sensor to be used in 1995 to 1999 1Z and AHU ECUs - email us for details!

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